Golf Trolley Control Modification

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Hello all,

I am currently trying to modify a golf trolley control. This is a standard electric golf trolley using 12V 250W Brushed motor.

If someone could please shed some lights on the following questions, it will be really helpful. I have attached a picture for visualizing.

1) I want to replace the potentiometer with a thumb throttle. The throttle in the picture is a hall-type throttle, commonly used in e-bikes. Is it possible to replace the pot and control the motor speed with this throttle?

2) As you can see in the image, there is a main handle circuit which basically takes user's input e.g. changing pot to reduce speed, stopping the motor with button etc. I have limited knowledge about circuits. I was wondering if this circuit can be replaced with a Arduino board? This will help me to integrate some additional things such as lcd display, distance counter etc.

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It is always possible but a lot can depend on the details.
I do not know the thumb throttle but it may just be a pot and if so, you could use it.
First, see if you can measure the voltage into the controller from the existing control pot and then see if you can replicate it.
To add the distance display, you do not need to change the existing motor control, just add the Arduino as a seperate unit. That could be especially wise while you are developing it all.