Going to the store again..

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Hi. I bought some books to teach myself Electronics. "Starting Electronics" by Keith Brindley is one of them.

I am learning very quickly and enjoy the process but I keep having to go back to the store to buy components! Fry's is 45 minutes away and it's not very fun if I have 4 hours to tinker and I have to spend 1.5 of them in traffic and 1 of them looking for components so I can experiment for a little while before I have to stop again and go buy more components.

I got the bright idea finally to flip through the entire book and make a list of all the components mentioned and go out and buy them individually. So here I am about to make my 3rd trek to the store in less than a week to HOPE that they have everything I need in stock.

There has to be an easier way? No?


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Yup. And even though you might need to go shopping again. Buying all componests asked by the book is not a bad idea. If you don't have one, buy a breadboard (about $5). Two are handy for big projects. Jumper wires are also handy.


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It's a lot easier to accumulate components if you don't have a spousal unit or munchkins around.

You might consider stopping by Radio Shack and picking up the "Learning Lab" they're offerring at $65. Lots of projects to experiment with, and everything's included except for the batteries. It's a really nice kit. Comes with a couple of learning lab notebooks written by Forrest Mims III - he makes it fun.

In the meantime, you could always move closer to Fry's...