Goals In Life..Does It Have Any Meaning...Anymore

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I,m ninety one years old,my goal is to be live to be a hundred. I have the

means to obtain that goal. I have a private house keeper walk three

blocks to have my dinner. I have stop walking to dinner after a flu,but

I can afford to call a cab,the family stops by every now and then. They

decides that I need a nurse,so now I have nurse and house keeper. I

can afford them,after all I'm a graduate from Hartford and a retired

doctor. I,m doing ok for my age,so I get over the flu. More exersise

is recommened,so now the family wants around the clock nurses.

I get a fitness instructor,I'm back to my favorite eating place every

evening. (You forgot I want to live to a hundred),that possible. The doctor

has oked a glass of wine with dinner. Life is great,all my friends are

amazed how healthy I am, a great life. I have a fall,my nurse calls

my son, he says he will meet at the hospital. I am wide awake and

talking as I leave for the hospital. My friends are shocked when they

are told that I went to the hospital and passed away in two days. My family

had stopped by the hospital. They told my friends not to cry for me

that I had a great life and they didn't want to hear anything different.

I had all that paid help that I could afford,in two days did I get

the morphine drip..did I deserve that goal to a hundred..God only

knows..is there heaven on earth...
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Are you allowed to have a goal, at 91 should you go for a hundred.

With a little help from your friends. You know me I say what I think.

I,m the voice in the wind. This based on a true story.
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Are you allowed to have a goal, at 91 should you go for a hundred.
Of course. What is life without a goal? If you reach the goals, is another matter.

One of my goals is to spend next Christmas with my parents. They are both over 81 yrs. Living in a house. Driving to the grocery store each Friday, shopping for the coming week.

I got a few friends, which also is on my list of "be there for them no matter what" goal list. :)


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To hit 100 the main thing is money! You need money! It cost an incredible amount to eat healthy and life a healthy lifestyle. Thats why all these trolls that have billions have kids that look like models. As the old saying goes you are what you eat and a long term diet of someone with high financial resources will naturally eat more healthy then someone trying to stretch a dime. Its actually really sad.
So heres my riddle for you batman! Did he make 91 because he was well off and a doctor or did he naturally hit 91? I say this because I'm in my mid 30's and I have friends in all lines of work, from military, computer people, concrete workers that make bridge supports, tile layers, etc.. and all the serious labor jobs everyones having bad health issues. The worst is the tile layer. He's 36 and near crippled. Has no cartilage in his neck or back. All this is taken into account in living a long healthy life. Although your most likely not gonna hit 100. Statistically for every 10 people that hit 100 9 are women and 1's a man.


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I think most people that set age records currently are Asian simpletons/farmers that lived a simple life and ate simple food.


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See those are the ones with the low lifespans, polluted water supplies, no medical care, etc.... Asians do tend to have longer lifespans like women do. Could be the dog theory though too. A great danes life expectancy is 5-7 years because their so large, but the smaller dog you get the longer its lifespan typically is. This could be an effect with asians because they tend to be a good size smaller then thier western counterparts. Also my theory on women vs men living longer. I think its because all that data was from men worked all day and the woman took care of the kids. So the women had much less stress put on their body and minds thus the husband wears out first. I believe bill gates and Steven Hawkins both said were all just computers and when we die its just a simple component failure.


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I think setting goals for yourself is very important in life. It is something that should never stop, even if you have little to no hope of achieving them. It helps keep the morale up, and in general I think makes you live longer. An open mind and a good attitude are very advantageous to your health, and goals can provide that.
Ten years ago I had goals. Here I am ten years later. I've achieved some, others I haven't. The ones I haven't yet reached are still fresh in my mind, and I constantly seek to fulfill my hopes and dreams. In the mean time, I set even more goals for myself, for ten years from now. If I live another ten years, I expect the cycle will repeat.
It's hard to put how I feel about goals into words. The best I can say is to never give up, and keep setting goals for yourself. Bucket lists are fantastic things. Make a bucket list. Do your best to cross each and every thing off, and always add more to it, with the intent of crossing them off as well.
My point is that goals are ALWAYS important. Age does not matter. It helps keep your attitude positive, your hopes high, your mind open.

And loosie, I must ask, was it one of your own parents who passed away?


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I set no goals for the same reasons that DerStrom sets them for. That way, I do not have to have a cycle.

I try a little one - 100 posts this year (harder to do posts now that I work and no-one asks about medical equipment, it is all school which I forget now) and to keep stress free which is also hard now because of work.

Loosewire, there is heaven on earth, it is that infamous picture of yours, is it not?

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@ justtrying, just trying...Thanks for comment on picture.

@ DerStorm ,no ,I was speaking for a life that was taken too soon.


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My goals evolve. Some change, some get deleted, new goals emerge. 6 years ago my goal was to save up for a sail boat. 4 years ago it was to save up for a farm. Now it's to get a degree, and be a good dad. Who knows what will come?

Do I want to live to be 100? Maybe, if I am in good health. If I live to be 100, but can't do anything to benefit society or at least do anything to entertain myself for the last 20 years of my life, then I would rather just die at 80. If I turn out to be a spry 100 y/o who dies suddenly while taking my daily 5 mile walk, that would be awesome.

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If you get to 91, you have moved to a different place in life. That the point I'm

trying to make,not talking about some one younger wishing,he was already

older with a chance to make it to more years.