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    Nov 28, 2008
    No there is nothing wrong with the eyes but it is just as bad. :(

    Is there a limit on using several words instead of a single word for a post title?

    Does it look cool if the title is short, in just one or two words?

    Why are (particular) posters keep on doing that?

    Only the very clever can actually describe the problem they are facing with just one word and it happens in seldom occasions.

    For many, the title is simply meaningless unless the viewer read the whole post.

    Many people search past postings regarding information and does it sever others any good by posting message with titles, for example:

    1. Help!!!!
    2. Pleeeeease......
    3. AC question
    4. converter
    5. IC
    6. Timer
    7. Battery
    8. Electricity
    9. Question

    And many more.....

    It only shows either the poster lacks the ability to even ask a proper question, despite being well educated, or just don't bother to make the effort.

    How sad and pathetic.
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    Apr 5, 2008

    You are completely right.
    Dave also posted it in the sticky:

    Also very often the schematic is not posted.