give us a pointer fellas ! (Inverter with 555)

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Gday Bill, you were able help me alot with 555 timers, great work on the time saver reference guide - it did just that !

    transistors are operating largely as they should, i just had too learn too correlate the datasheets and the transistor connections and the current flow direction,

    however the only thing that remains unclear too me is were too put the load in the circuit, transistors can collect positive or neg depending on model

    but some like too push and some like too pull, - still havnt developed that fact into a mental set of rules that prevent the desire too trial and error and risk the semiconductors

    for the last few days ive been toying with 555's and pulsing small mains transformers with 1 \ 2 stage transistor amplifiers , but im not getting the expected voltages from the 120\240 side of the transformers

    depending on the setup im getting between 25 and 50 volts output from 12 volts with a 1:20 and a 1:10 transformer

    stable at exactly 50hz and the optimum duty cycle seems to be about 42% (measured on $30 usb crow

    increasing the voltage on the output is my aim but now i find myself getting stuck again

    ps measuring the output voltage over a full wave bridge and a 220uf \ 440v cap
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    Jan 21, 2011
    ive never hiacked anything ! it was a relevant commentary with a related question

    i cannot find it accept by pressing back, how can anyone else ?
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    Thing is, a thread belongs to the person who started it. If you start asking questions about your projects, the original poster finds his needs left in the dust. This is what hijacking is, and why it is discouraged. This thread belongs to you, if someone starts asking questions about their projects they too will have a thread of their own.

    Are you talking about my inverter thread by chance? I'm not quite on track with what you are talking about, though I am willing.

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