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So this forum is for general electronic discussion, and the off-topic says anything other than electronics so I'm posting here, but if my judgment is off, move the topic.

Anyways, my entire life I've suffered from a mental disability where I am unable to come up with reasonable gift ideas for myself. Christmas (and my birthday) are coming soon and I've already been asked by one person what I want, it's only a matter of time before everyone else is bugging me about it, and my usual answer of "don't get me anything" or "don't worry about it" isn't working. Truth is, I have no idea... so I thought I'd turn here.
Obviously, I have a solid interest in electronics, and I'll soon be starting school in the subject, so my question is, what are some of your ideas that the electronics hobbiest/student just can't live without? I already have a nice weller solder station that I got last year, which beats the crap out of soldering pencils. I'd love an oscilloscope... but those cost too much.

Help me! Maybe some of you will get some ideas from this thread as well.


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If I were you, I would ask for gift cards from the same electronics retailer or website so the added value of all of the gifters could buy you the o'scope.