getting the mojo back?

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    Over the past half decade I have slowly been losing my passion to do the activities I use to enjoy. This is basically slowly killing me since I am unable to find what I truly want to do for employment/work because I find my self between states of depression ( based on loneliness , emotional issues ) , fear of commitment / performances at the new job, and not having passion to commit to any particular work for extended periods of time like over a year or more.

    I think the best option to break thru the fear of commitment / performance at taking a new job is just to do it and if it turns out bad then at least you have a foundation of how much commitment issue/performance issues you have to work on. And in the meantime this may spark a passion in a different job type because the only way to know for certain what a new job feels like or if you are up for the challenge of this new job is to try it if the opportunity is available. And for me I am at the point where trying is the only thing I can do provided people give me the opportunity to do so

    For example if you enjoyed Math then computer work but now building stuff and the opportunity is available to build stuff should I not at least take a job in building to know if I want to go down that route. I think so putting behind my fears of will I be able to commit or perform well and just take the opportunity.

    Also trying different jobs in different fields forgetting about commitment fears , performance fears ... I would imagine this would be the only way to explore if my mojo is completely lost for any kind of field of work. The best outcome is I find a job I enjoy which pays well and has great people to work with. The worse outcome is I found that no job gives me passion and also probably got my self on a schedule and lost some of the fears of performances. Or puts me in a worse mental/financial state which I am head down anyway.

    And I guess the next step is just to look for jobs that could potentially get my mojo back in the area and just go in and ask for the opportunity. For the more formal ones send my resume and follow up carefully with phone interviews. And if it is a fully time , part time , contractor ,...etc it won't matter just take it try it , stay with it or leave it at any time until you hit on a passion or find none. ( as well as in the meantime get on a schedule , have the fear of job commitment / performance diminish hopefully)

    And I know there is people that don't like there job but just do it because they need the money if I fall into this category I at least would want a passion/find happiness in something relationship , or activity enough to buffer me from the mundane work.

    Obviously I hate to say it is that money determines your level of resources/property so at some point one seeking a certain level would need to choice from a particular set of jobs in that level bracket regardless of the enjoyment level.

    A compromise must be meet based on the particular persons wants/needs.

    your thoughts on all this?
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    May 11, 2009
    Well you could always try to make a career as a columnist
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    Jan 10, 2012
    I always find it easier to commit to something if there is a paycheck in it.
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    Yes but if the paycheck isn't enough then your still going to die or break the law and steal food anyway. Lowering your standards maybe an option for some but there is also your believe on what constitutes your lowest standards before you must break stupid laws to get your food/shelter.

    So how is this freedom ? Unless of course everybody could obtain there quality of life level paycheck job? Which I have to tell you I am having a hard time finding any paid work.

    In my eyes paid or not paid work gives you the same feeling of accomplishment , getting on a schedule , building your skills...etc
    The only differences is paper that buys resources and the only way to obtain it is employment on the Maslow hierarchy of needs

    So then if it is a need it should be something you can obtain at anytime...

    Of course obviously having to focus on all this **** at a paranoid level with no fun would drive anybody insane.
    As well as there must be an equal balance of friends , family , sexual relations , and fun activitys ... along with work depriving any aspect deprives the persons true potential as well as could lead them to depression, or worse conditions.

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    From this thread and your other thread from yesterday it looks like you are seeking to find all your solutions externally?

    Like it will be a new job that makes your life good, or finding a woman, or more friends, or a good car.

    True happiness and success in life comes from within, not from external things.

    And if you had the true happiness within, then you might find friends and women and career success would start coming to you.

    Maybe you should look into Zen philosophy or take a meditation/yoga/gym/TaiChi/martial arts class?

    It sounds like you have time on your hands, which is a precious gift. You can spend it whining and expecting something external to come along and fix up your life, or you can use that gift of time to improve yourself and become someone wonderful.

    Then you'll be fighting the women off... Trust me on that.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    Agree with you on something's you say here but there is a limit you can only live so long so I am kind of done waiting

    And I don't trust you

    Not success believe me I didn't need happiness to be very successful at my goals like running , lifting , math , computers , building , ...etc you need passion which at the time I had / still have a little. As well as for true happiness for some it may for others it maybe from external things

    About happiness only to some extent if you where secluded on a desert island with great food , scenery , ...etc but with out friends , family and sexual intimacy then I don't imagine you would be very happy for long :)

    No it really is not always, look at the people in jail they have time on there hands... depends on factors/resources/location as well
    I do have to say with the internet you can learn anything but you will eventually reach a point where you want to actually go and do. And one can only do if allowed to do anyway.

    Different strokes for different folks

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  7. Georacer


    Nov 25, 2009
    Without trying to answer all of your questions, I'd like to comment that I don't believe that passion is a prerequisite of happiness.
    Being content with what you have is a prerequisite for happiness. Passion is a motive for change and strife.
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    Jul 16, 2011
    In all seriousness, you might want to consider seeing a psychiatrist to talk about these feelings.

    It might seem silly, but they can be very useful.

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