Getting into solar, what u think?


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I think the seller stole a truckload of them from Harbor Freight, and is trying to resell them before they get caught!

Notice that the Ebay seller is even using Harbor Freight's picture, complete with their stock number on it:

The E-bay seller is asking $179, with $42 shipping; Harbor Freight is $199 + your local tax. You figure out which is cheaper, and who you might get better warranty service from.
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What is the warranted minimum rating on that "45 Watts?"

What is the PTC rating? (PTC = PV USA Test Conditions, as opposed to STC = Standard Test Conditions. STC is based on noon in the Sahara. PTC is much closer based on your back yard, unless you live in the Sahara.)

What are the warranty terms?

Is it water resistant? (No, I'm not kidding with this one.)