Getting Into IC's (555's Mostly)

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Well first off this is my first post, after watching the threads for a while I finally decided to join. Though I am only 14 I am really interested in anything technology, I have had experience in repairing and programing. After taking apart my playstation portable (PSP) I have decided that I would like to get into making circuitry projects as a hobby. Up until now I have been using a solder less breadboard for my projects. I am not a total newbie, I know about resistors, capacitors and how to read and write schematics. But I haven't done a project using an IC yet. I have seen what a 555 timer (8 pin DIP) can do online and would like to attempt something basic so I can get into using them. So can anyone recommend a simple project utilizing the 555 with led's? I have searched around but could not find anything major. Nothing to difficult, something on a beginners level.

Sorry for the long post, hope somebody could help.