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How long will it take for you guys to congrad
Georacer for being selected Moderator.You
saw it here first. Add Bill to that list.


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Already taken care of in a PM, Loosewire :D

But I haven't congratulated Bill yet. Congrats to the both of you, and I wish you the best of luck! :)


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My bet is on Bill. I suspect he will shut down all non 555 related threads. Maybe if he is in good mood move them to off-topic:rolleyes: So loosewire is in for some competition here.:p


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Naw, there are enough legit cases to everyone busy.

It is funny though, how you look at threads does change some.

I tried to keep the title "E-Book Developer", administration was willing. But with the new title I've been making tweaks to my profile, and apparently if I even look at my profile my title kept getting changed! I gave up for now and let things stabilize.


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What Bill said is true. I started roaming the site now, instead of hanging out only in Homework Help.

But I bet Bill will be ahead of me both in presence and deletes. I suspect he's just too fond of the site to sleep. :p

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@T06,You had to shine a light on Loosewire
nobody else on your list. Wait till you see
Loosewire Super Moderator there dark blue
printer is stuck in the on position.

L come before M it must have skipped a beat
that must be the reason,out of order.

555 Is my lotto numbers that should count for something,I hope.
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Hmmm....quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Non omnia possumus omnes
Attention, toute utilisation des langues
étrangères est interdite. Les modos sont très vigilants, surtout les nouveaux!!!

Congratulations to Georacer and Bill.
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Is it my imagination, or has the rate of thread closures increased significantly within the past few days? :D:p
Dagnabit, the edit button is where the quote used to be. I am eventually going to respond to someones post inside their own post if this keeps up.

Hey, you post em, we close em. Pray I don't get confused on the spam button!


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They picked two good people for moderators. I'm sure they could add a few more and they still would be gamefully employed. Ideally, there would be one moderator per area.

Once one puts on a moderators hat, their viewing of the threads certainly change. I visit off-topics and homework mostly and I'm sure there are a lot of people who only visit one or three sections.

Congratulations to Bill and Georacer. Best wishes in your efforts to maintain the good order and discipline around here.
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