Generator Synchronization - Need advice on phase measurement

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Good evening everyone, I've often lurked these forums but never posted until now.

I am designing a single phase generator synchronization system for my college technical report. My mentor wants me to do an entirely digital system. I am in the preliminary planning stages and I am unsure how to measure the phase difference between the line and generator voltage.

I was thinking of converting the ac waveform to a square wave so that I may calculate the time difference between the rising edge of each waveform.

I was simply looking for suggestions to implement this design, thanks for your time, I look forward to contributing what I can to this forum!




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kickurshin, the diode used in that circuit makes it a half wave rectifier...
The circuit depicted will work just fine it gives you isolation from the AC line as well.

thatoneguy, the circuit he linked uses an opto isolater, that provides isolation.