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hello have a honda gen./inverter 3000eu/is the spark is very little but have one. is this engine like a lawn mower that when you pull the rope for manual start that the spark is created from rotation ,or i saw an electric chart and it looks like there is a coil that creates the spark from pulling the rope???? as you can tell not very strong in electrical stuff.

my problem is i can keep it firing with starting fliud but just putters out when just gas cleaned gas screen drained carb there is gas going thru carb someone said that there is just not enough spark to combust the gas but enough to combust starting fluid sorry about rambling just trying to explain problem.


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Is the ignition coil outside of the flywheel? If so make sure there is no rust on the magnets of the flywheel. Usually the flywheel is made of aluminum and the magnets will be a darker color than the rest of the wheel. If there is rust present the magnets won't create as much electricity and the spark will suffer. Just use sand paper to remove the rust and try to start the motor again. I've saved several small engines from death this way.


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I just finished a riding lawn mower with the same problem.

First check your jet in the carb, you don't have to take it apart, just remove the hose and blow through it. If airflow your jet isn't plugged.

There is also a vent in the gas cap, make sure it isn't plugged up.

Does fuel go through the filter?


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Since it runs on starting fluid, I'd discount the ignition system as being a problem.

If an engine/carb has been left with gas sitting in it for months, their is a very high probability of the entire fuel system being gummed up with varnish; the screen or sintered bronze filter in the tank, fuel line, carb bowl, float, jets, vacuum port fuel pump, primer bulb, anything that's in the fuel path. Often, simply blowing it out with compressed air and carburetor cleaner fluid is not enough; you really need to get ALL of the gunk out, and complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection is the only way to do it properly.

If you are very careful and don't tear any of the gaskets, you may be able to re-use them. If it has a primer bulb, examine it very carefully for cracks, particularly where the bulb joins the housing. Even a small crack there will cause fuel starvation. A small leak anywhere in the fuel line will also cause fuel starvation.


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Rich (BB code):
Whether or not there is a primer bulb, a leakage of air into or after the carburettor could give this sort of problem. If enough air gets in the mixture gets weak, and if the leak is really bad applying a starting choke may not help much - more vacuum => more leakage.

I have seen a small soil cultivator which was almost impossible to start because the carburettor was not sealing properly onto the engine. Securing that joint gave a very big improvement.

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thanks shortbus the trouble with the so small compact will do some digging to find the flywheel i think this is the problem but did not know if it was like a lawnmower or not it will take a little work but should be behind cover that the pullline go into gen?
thanks jotto things in the carb seemed o.k. when float was up could blow thru the gas line when it was down i could not blow thru or visa ,versa does that make any sense? will have to check gas cap?
thanks SGT. my son is Cpl.N.Ball U.S.M.C. cur.afgan II [had to get that plug in] I checked all gas lines but did not check to see if jets are plugged of course will have to look where the jets are . should be on the inlet gas line or right where the float is?


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It sounds like you have a fuel flow issue. your best bet is to remove the carb and pull the bowl off of it. you will probably find allot of gum in the bowl. with the bowl removed you will be able to see your float and needle, make sure its all moving freely. Then pull the float and needle out and blow all the passages out with compressed air. Re-assemble and all should be well. Take pictures if you want and i can walk you through the process. hope this helps



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Yeah, the shroud where the pull starter is has to come off to get to the flywheel. The carb is where I usually start working to but the last couple I worked on was the magnets. Like yours would run on the starting fluid but not gas. Let us know what you find out, we like to have results to problem, helps others to solve them.

And by the way - welcome to AAC.


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This is a circuit for a Honda EU2000, They are a CDI IGN. On the diagram thewindings labeled exciter are the HV windings for the CDI, & IGN pulse windings are what triger it. Just in case you need it.


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SGT wookie,jotto, shortbus,debe,td, thank you guys!!!

well the SGT. got it right the jet was plugged ,a needle did the trick ,had her purring in 20 mins. even did the rocky victory pose for the wife and kid.

hope i don't need it this winter but better to look at it and say working than saying i have to work on that.


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Glad that you got it working!

When you're ready to put it up, make sure to run all of the gasoline out of the fuel system.
Best to treat the gas with fuel stabilizer and then run it empty. I do that to my generator once a year and it always starts. Same advice goes for all small engines that aren't run for a couple of months or more, whether two cycle, four cycle, or diesel. If everyone did this, many small engine shops would find their business cut in half - not good for them, but good for the owners.