Generator Pre-Lube/Post-Lube Circuit (NOT FOR A VEHICLE!!!)

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  1. rtbcoop

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    Apr 1, 2013
    Ok, let's try this for a third time. This circuit is going on a generator, NOT A VEHICLE. I understand that your ToS does not allow for vehicle modifications. This circuit will not be going on my M35A2 deuce, it will be going on the generator, just like the title says. And just like the tile in my last post said. This generator powers my farm when hurricanes knock out the power, which happens often as I live in Florida. That being said:

    I'm wanting to build a pre-lube/post-lube circuit for a diesel generator. I would like the circuit to pre-lube with a push button and post-lube when the ignition turns off. The pump will be controlled by a 24v relay and the timing will be controlled by a 555 timer. In this circuit, R1 will be adjustable to set the time of the post lube. The button next to R1 is for the pre-lube. I'm guessing that I probably should have added a relay before the diode so that pin 2 actually grounds instead of floating...thoughts? Please give me any and all feedback! It's been a long time since I have done any circuit design and am in no way attached to this design. I just want the most reliable and most simple circuit possible. Thanks for your help!

    How can I make the pump turn off as soon as the ignition turns on (pre-lube)?
    Will the pump continue if ignition stays low (off) or does a monostable only run on a trigger FALL?
    What values for Q1 and R2 (unlabled)?
    What diode should I use?
    Is there a good way to waterproof this circuit? This generator is outside so there is a good possibility that this circuit could get wet. I was thinking of embedding the circuit in hot glue/resin/etc but I'm not so sure I can do that with Q1 in the circuit...
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