General Purpose RF Transmitter And Receiver?

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    Aug 12, 2012
    I have seen a few items on Ebay that have lead me to believe what I am looking for is available. Ideally I am looking for basic TX and RX boards that can take in whatever is given at the TX, and replicate it at the RX, and the more channels the better! Example, pin "CH1" on the TX is pulled low, so pin "CH1" on the RX goes low. And the faster the response time the better too! This is not for any specific project, just would be nice to be able to implement wireless-ness into some various projects cost effectively!

    Here is one that seems to be along the lines of what I am looking for, but it is 1 channel, and next to no additional info is given:

    Here is a 4CH unit, but instead of having a universal transmitter board, it comes with a goofy cheap looking TX key-chain remote (Which may be able to be dissected for external input fairly easily) :
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    Jun 22, 2012
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    check here >> you will find everything and anything you will need for remote controlling just about anything...... basically what you are talking about would be a pair of RF transmitter/ Receiver coupled with a Decoder and encoder IC's, these are used in just about any RF/IR remote controls....