General knowledge about signals?

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    Sep 22, 2010
    These are the general knowledge questions being thrown at me and I am not able to google my way to the answers..hope you guys could explain to me.

    1.Echo effect in a large beam is 0.6s.If you send two impulse separated by 0.6s what is the duration of the total effect? my attempt: what is "total effect"?

    2.Measure reverberation of a 100m^3 room when impulse applied to a loud speaker with microphones placed at different locations to record down the signals. How long should we measure? (speed of sound= 300m/s) my attempt: not enough information to decide?

    3.How will the sound like if we enhance the high frequency part of the signal spectrum of a CD? my attempt: making it less smooth?

    4.When measuring the shape edge of a standard pulse of digital system, which of the following is(are) true?
    a.step shape need more bandwidth
    b.steep pulse good for detecting start and end of pulse
    c.steep slope gives rise to larger frequency signal
    d.all of the above
    no clue at all

    well thanks in advance if you guys could help. =)