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    Oct 28, 2009

    First off I would like to acknowledge that I am a total noob and would like to ask for some general help and guidance in what direction to pursue. I need to create a circuit on a perfboard that selects between 2 different Trim Pots and 2 different capacitors via momentary switch with 2 LEDs indicating the selection. There are two input & two output lines to a PCB on the perfboard, one for the Trim Pot and one for the capacitor (I also have 5v power coming into the board).

    Here is an example of the functionality.

    Power on (the last selection is active) and (Pot A), (Capacitor A), (LED A) are all selected (by selected I mean the input/output lines from the perfboard are flowing through these componants, and (LED A) is lit.

    Press the momentary switch again and the selection changes to (Pot B), (Capacitor B) and (LED B).

    Press it again and the selection is back to (Pot A), (Capacitor A), (LED A).

    My initial thoughts were to have a main relay (triggered by the momentary switch) trigger sub-relays on the board but this is just a guess. I'm sure I missed a bunch of info you all may need but this is just a start for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    A simple schematic would clear up request. ' cant figure where cap. fits, is pot to control LED ,or does LED have own resistor. Might need toggle flip-flop & 4066 IC.???