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    Apr 23, 2013
    Hi !
    I was trying out a simple led flasher circuit from a kit ( was supposed to be built in hardware) and I am using multisim.
    It calls for an inverter gate which I can find two kinds of # 4001 is a nor gate as but it is either a single gate or a quad integrated chip. Anyway could not get it to work :-( in my project. But that is not the issue now or I would post the specs which I know you may need to help. What I really wanted to know does the single nor gate with the three - 2 in -1 out leads, function without a power supply because it does not have any pins for + - voltage???
    I can not imagine how it would, since if you apply ground to both inputs 0 volts is never going to be 5 volts out! But no added pins on this software gate. Any help is appreciated , I know it is a simple solution but have not figured it out.
  2. MrChips


    Oct 2, 2009
    In digital simulation software the power is usually assumed to be already connected.
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    In a pure digital simulation (don't know about MultiSim, specifically), the simulator can treat it as just logic values, which makes for fast, efficient simulations for large digital designs. But as soon as you have any analog parts involved (say, an LED that you are trying to flash), you can't play that game as easily. You will need interface models, essentially 1-bit A/D and D/A, to translate between voltage levels and logic levels. This is knows as a mixed-mode, or mixed-signal, simulation and many simulators do not support it or charge extra for it. Again, I don't know about MultiSim.
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    Can you post a schematic of what you are attempting to do? There are about 46700 different pages on a google search concerning your "simple led flasher" using a 4001.

    All wire the NOR as an inverter.

    I know in my simulation software, I can set the voltages to the supply voltages. If I don't, it's assumed to be 5V.