gated scr frequency drive

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hello guys

i have been buliding this circuit for a while now and im up to the point were i have to put the scr section together and it has been fighting me most likly cause i really didnt know how to accomplish what i wanted to do till today

i am trying to make a gated scr relaxation osscilator i have attached a drawing below of how my circuit will be configured according to what i read the input has to be halfwave dc to charge the cap up then when the scr is trigger the cap discharges thru the scr causing a drop in forward current turning of off the scr at the same time the optocouple is controling the commutation between the power source and the gate of the scr controlling the gate

is my understanding of this circuit correct if not were am i wrong and how can i fix it

thanks james



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How this can be an oscillator if you trigger the SCRs with another control circuit?