Game Camera Infrared Extender

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    Oct 21, 2013
    Here is a circuit I put together and tested. It allows me to have a remote IR floodlight turn on whenever my game camera sees motion. The IR Detector probe sets in front of the IR array on the game camera. When the camera fires, the remote floodlight also comes on. The circuit at the top is the wired version. i.e. - the floodlight is wired to the circuit. Removing line 1 from that circuit allows activation of a channel on a wireless transmitter to turn on the floodlight. This way the floodlight does not have to be connected to the camera. One floodlight will enhance the view at my RV, and another will enhance the view at one of my game cameras watching a hog trap.

    The floodlights use 12V DC and that's the reason I have the VR in the circuit to cut the coil voltage down a bit. The resistors for the VR cut the voltage down to 9V. I was afraid the higher voltage might fry the Pd. As it is, I get 8.5V at the relay coil when the LED's fire. The floodlights use 0.5 amp when activated.

    I xerox'd the PCB circuit to glossy paper and ironed on the traces. That worked pretty well. The photo detector works well on IR wavelengths 800nm to 950nm.

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    This is interesting, I may need to get one of those!