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Hey i am currently introduced to simple game programming. I need to code an AI in C++ that will win my friend AI.

The game is like a round-based game. A move is made every round. To be more specific its a simplify version of a Pokemon but with limited function. For those who don't know what a Pokemon game is, think of it like a Rock.scissors,paper game. In pokemon is fire win grass win water win fire. Every round a decision is made by opp AI and Player AI.

I am not asking for help in coding but rather if there is an algorithm/method of program such that your AI WILL win everytime. I have been thinking for very long time for a method/alg but since your opp AI issnt known to u, it is very hard and somehow i think its based on luck. The basic winning strategy is to switch to a stronger one but there is a limited switch of 3. Which means whoever switches first will lost. because your opp will switch to a stronger one and you will switch to counter as follows. Of course, there are function like defense,attack,element attack..etc just like in round-based game.

I hope this is not confusing and the above just mean a sure-win AI in round-based game. I will clarify further if needed.



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You can't guarantee win against all opponents unless game rules allow for such a strategy (similarly as like tic-tac-toe where if players play perfect game it's always a draw).

Simple games (like tic-tac-toe with only few different positions) you could analyze completely to find if there is a simple winning strategy. Complex games require much more than that.

For example, chess is turn based, too big to analyze completely, and there's no guarantee 1 AI will always win another.

Rock-paper-scissors: Easy to see there's no strategy giving advantage over properly randomized opponent.