Galvanic or Electrical loss in Battery clips

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I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or reading materials they could recommend regrading battery clips.

Our scenario is this:

The project uses a AA or D lithium battery that is to be dropped in to a battery holder. The circuit will draw about 5ua most of the time but intermittantly draw 50mA. The PCB will be housed, but will be used outside, and won't be sealed. I am worried about the battery/holder becoming intermittant, and resetting the processor. I realize the battery metal should be as closes to the type on the socket clips to reduce galvanic effects. I also thought about using dielectric grease on the battery contacts to keep weather out. Any advice, concerns or studies done on that subject?



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Anything outside tends to corrode. To slow the process, place the battery holder in a plastic case with a lid that screws down. Run the leads out a small hole and seal it with hot glue. Don't use silicone glue, as the fumes are acidic and will cause problems.