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I submitted a thread not too long ago regarding patient isolation:

"I am currently working on a project to measure complex impedance. This is done by introducing a current (~1mA) @ various frequencies (1k to 1M Hz). I would like to float all components in contact with the load. To do this, I would like to use an opto-isolator do to their availability and cheapness. I am having problems locating one for my specific use. Any suggestions?"

I have not really received helpful responses or solutions to the problem. I just realized that the lab I am working in has an isolation transformer power station. Therefore, if I were to plug the output and input of the circuit into this power jack, does it provide isolation to the load? I will power the rest of the equipment using batteries. The circuit would be as follows:

Power>Isolation Transformer>Function Generator>Current Limiter>Electrode In>Patient>Electrode Out>Instrumentation Amp>Oscilloscope>Isolation Transformer>Power

Essentially all items in bold would be referenced to a floating ground as compared to the input Function Generator and output Oscilloscope.

Is this valid? If not please explain. Thank you!


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The power isolation transformer provides isolation from the mains. It cannot isolate your bold-print items from your standard-print items.