Gallium Arsenide Devices (GaAS)

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Could somebody please tell me how long Gallium Arsendie devices have been around.

I've got some study notes and am now wondering just how old they are. Information is as they state "no devices are currently made with Gallium Arsenide at the moment"

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The wiki article states that GaAs microprocessors where made since 1980.
You may assume that it has been around before that time.
Here I have found a PDF with info on the use of gallium:

in there is stated:

Introduction of the gallium-arsenide-based LED changed
the consumption pattern of gallium from that of a laboratory
curiosity to a metal with some consumer applications. LED's,
used in consumer applications, such as displays in digital
watches and hand-held calculators, were responsible for large
annual increases in demand from 1966 to 1973. To capture
the LED market, gallium prices continued to drop throughout
this period.

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Thanks bertus, appreciate your time and effort in helping me with this information.
Many Thanks -JDR04