Gain of LM3900

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Neil Groves

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I have just completed the first stage of my project and have a question regarding the LM3900 chip, on the input i have such a small sinewave it is barely visible with the scope, meanwhile i have a thumping great sinewave on the output pin, it's beautiful!!!

So what is the gain of the LM3900? it must be huge?



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That very old LM3900 amplifier is not an opamp, it is different.
I am surprised that it is still being manufactured.
Why don't you modify the circuit a little so an ordinary opamp can be used?


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I am surprised that it is still being manufactured.
I am pretty certain that most of these ICs are no longer actually in production. They couldn't be, there is next to zero commercial demand.

I mean, the preparation work / tool cost to do a run of chips is probably only a few million dollars :eek:

But 0.0000001 cents a piece after that initial fee.
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