Gain of a push-pull BJT amplifier? (Basic)

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Hello. For my lab project this semester i have to build an audio amplifier that has an pre-amp stage using op-amp circuits, and an output stage using a BJT power amplifier, all to be driven by 3 or 4 1.5V batteries. Class B / AB has been suggested. My University is annoying in that it gives you the practical before the theory so you are inclined to do research yourself but I am not getting far.

Two things I wanted to ask, in the norman push-pull arrangement as in this link from the project pages:
what will be the gain of the arrangement? If it is dependent on beta, is that not bad practice?

Also, mroe generally, do you think having a simple non-inverting amplifier op-amp set up for the preamp, feeding into a BJT amplifier for the output stage is sensible?



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