G meter, accelerometer -LCD output, PIC16F684, C source code

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    Jan 7, 2010

    I'm doing a programming project in C source code, using an accelerometer as a G meter which outputs the G value to a Hitachi 44780 LCD display, using a PIC16F684. I am new to C programming so am struggling. Does anyone know any good free C compilers?
    I want the program to measure the G force created by the movement of the accelerometer (only in one axis), and then hold and display the highest reached value for that individual movement when movement ceases.

    Also if I would like to output text to the LCD display, but do not know the command that does this?

    I have tried to look at other code that people have used but do not understand all of the functionality.

    Thanks for any help you can offer,

    Sophie :)
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    You can get Microchips entire MPLAB IDE for free. It comes with free C compilers and a pretty good development environment to help from beginning to end.


    And what accelerometer are you using? I cant seem to find it on your schematic.
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