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    Dec 8, 2008
    Some friends were asking me how to clarify all kinds of PCB, here I displayed the classification for your ref.
    One kind of classification was made through base materials, including as below,
    1.Organic Materials:phenolic resin,epoxide resin,Polyimide,BT/Epoxy etc. The usual materials were FR4,FR2,FR1, CEM-1,CEM-2 etc.
    2.Inorganic Materials:Al, Copper-invar-copper,ceramic etc.
    Some people classified as Rigid, Flex and Flex-Rigid PCB.
    The other kind of classification was based on the layer of the board, including single side, double side, multi layer.
    The application of PCB was large-scale, being mainly used to computer, laptop, pc, cell phone, consuer electornics, LCD, car electronics etc.
    Hope below information is helpful to you.