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    hi everyone,
    please tell me about "FUZZY LOGIC"
    i have no idea about it.
    plz give me a link or pdf having detailed discussion regarding it.
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    Apr 24, 2011
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    FUZZY LOGIC is what George W Bush used to get us into the Iraq war. It's also what he used to keep prisoners in Gitmo. It's also what he used to be able to phone tap just about anyone. The list goes on...

    Honestly, I do not know the term FUZZY LOGIC with respect to electronics.
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    RAP, God rest him, was great, but sometimes he overstepped the bounds a little IMO. He makes many good points (as always), but saying that fuzzy logic shouldn't be done at all is really not good advice.

    As far as I know, all of the most recent commercially available controllers for thermal chambers use fuzzy logic control, rather than the old PID control methods. Because of this, you never have to adjust the control gains of the system and the controller always tracks temperature profiles very well, under various thermal loading conditions.

    So, Fuzzy Logic does have some useful applications. Basically, if you have a situation where the plant can vary widely, Fuzzy Logic controllers may be preferred over some type of adaptive deterministic controller, and probably is much easier to implement.

    I've never found a good source that teaches fuzzy logic control well (which doesn't mean it's not out there), but if you have access to Matlab, you can find some decent descriptions and examples and commands to help in implementation. I forget which toolbox provides this, but one can find out easily at the Matlab home page.
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    Fuzzy Logic as I understand it is using a mix of digital state machine control with analog tracking control.

    An example that might confuse you more but works for me is controlling the speed of a car.

    Analog is Engine Throttle. State Machine is switching transmission gears. Making those two controls work as efficient and seamless as you can is an example of fuzzy logic. Especially for some drivers.