Function realisation using MUX,DEC and

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Realise function F(A,B,C,D)= A*C*D + A*B*D + A*C*D + A*B*D using DEC 3/8, MUX 8/1 and required number of Nor gates. (underlined variables are complements)
I know how to realise it using only MUX 8/1,but I really have no idea how to use MUX in combination with DEC and NOR to realise function above... Can someone help me?
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When you formally study digital electronics you are told things like: with an OR any 1 gives a 1, and with a NOR -- any 1 gives a 0.


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Supposing that you can use the NOR gates to implement a SoP form with the DeMUX and you have two DeMUXs, consider the following:

Separate the function into two parts, the one that factorizes with A and the other with A'. Construct each sub-function with a DeMUX. Use the MUX with selector A to select between the outputs of the two functions. A 2/1 MUX would be sufficient here.

Check if that's ok and come back to tell us.