Function and purpose of NIGHT SWITCH SENSOR

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Guys, will you please help me to seek the purpose and application of a night switch sensor? Eventhough you can't give the complete information, just help me as long as you can. I will appreciate all of your replies/help here. Thanks a lot, GOD BLESS. :)

    PS: like Gorgon said, a night switch is an electronic switch that turn the light on when it gets dark(night).
    It turn the light on when it gets dark because of the sensor, that's why we called it night switch.
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    You just hijacked a 3 year old thread -

    That is one reason why we ask that all posters always start a new thread for each topic.

    Your P.S. seems to cover the purpose and application pretty well. Is there some further aspect you wish to know about?