Funai vcr need help

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Have a funai vcr model sv2000 wv20v6 dvd/vcr model.
The dvd section work alright,But the vcr section not working right .
Here the problem when push to play the the vcr play for 10 to 15 second and the vcr shut down.
Each time try to play vcr the vcr only run for 15 second or less, than turn off.
i test the sensor light look alright.
So what could be wrong.
Thank for the help.


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I'll just venture a guess that the take-up reel in the cartridge isn't turning, so the tape slack doesn't get taken up - the VCR detects that the tape is loose and not advancing, and turns the VCR off to prevent damage. The cause might be a rubber drive belt that has aged and cracked, or maybe the clutch that provides the constant tension is worn out.