Full wave rectifier for piezoelectric supply

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    Feb 15, 2009

    My project involves rectification of a voltage produced by a piezoelectric stack subjected to an impact. The voltage shall be rectified using a full wave bridge rectifier.

    I aim to use a capacitor (in position of the smoothing capacitor) to store the energy harvested from the impact (simply because the device must fall from a certain height so it cannot be connected to any measuring equipment during its descent). The capacitor shall be disconnected following impact and connected to a volt meter so stored energy can be calculated.

    My question is: does anyone have any suggestion as to how I can calculate required capacitor value? I have no idea of the frequency, current or voltage of the piezoelectric stack output, and these are likely to vary for different impacts.

    I do know the voltage and current I require from the rectifier output - if that helps!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Please share any information that you have ie. " I do know..." . Speculation: Stack falls with Bridge rectofier and cap attached ?
    With so many unknowns are you allowed to experiment with values?
    One possibility: use a capacitor voltage divider to transferr charge from stack to measuring site. Values given are pure speculation , just be sure to use no leakage caps or at least low leakage ones, like polystyrine.