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Joined Dec 4, 2011
I'm a very recent member and a true novice in electronics. Having searched as one does for information and help on the web I eventually came across AAC (hope u dont mind the abbrev). I've trawled the site to see what level the members are, too technical and not many 'newbies' would have put me off, not so.
Your site is the very best I have seen after months of searching. The Training Volumes are a superb idea as are the worsheets, experiments and videos.
I have a couple of questions but shall ask them in the correct area.
I WILL be taking myself through your taining volumes I - VI it may prevent asking too many questions in future.

Congratulations again on a superb site.


Joined Nov 25, 2009
It makes us all the more happier when a new member has a good word to say for AAC. It means we 're doing the right thing here.
The site/e-book is an all around collaborative effort, so the congratulations go to everyone.

So welcome aboard!

Feel free to ask anything you like, no matter how silly it might sound. We are focused on education and hobbyists here.

Have a nice day.