full duplex radio with three in the convo.

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    Aug 6, 2009
    I have a set of full duplex radio's made by china. They run on frequency range-769-928MHz. The battery is a 3.6V LI-ion. They can currently transmit over 30 meters where 3 people can be in the same channel.
    I am trying to boost this to over 100 meters and not have to be in line of sight.
    I understand that there maybe a amplifier to do this however, which one? Does this have to be specialty built for this radio? or can I buy one off the shelf?
    These radio's are hand held and I need to keep them like this as they will be carried by referees on the field.
    Can anyone help me with this problem or do I have to go buy the transmitters that cost heaps of money?