Full -bridge inverter with IR2110

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Can someone help me with calculation of capacitors for for driving a Full -bridge inverter with IR2110 consisting of four IRF540N. Conditions are 12v at Vcc ,5v at Vdd and IN4007 as bootstrapping diode.Switching frequency would be about 2kHz. also need the values for 20 kHz. what I am trying to build is a SPWM inverter with ATmega32A using its inbuilt PWM channels.Will IN4007 work upto 20 kHz ???....thanks


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A good rule of thumb is to make the cap at least 10X the gate capacitance. In the case of the IRF540 that's about 2000 pf, so a cap of .022 ufd. should be good. I would use a schottky diode for the bootstrap. Say 1N5818.