FTDI FT232RL for bitbang

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    Oct 19, 2010
    Hi ,
    Please find the attached schematics of FT232RL used in one of our boards.

    We are already using TXD , RXD, DTS, RTS and CTS of FTDI. Rest of the pins are unused.
    We would like to use one of the unused pin to drive a bit ‘0’ or ‘1’ . This act as a control bit to demux some signals.

    Presently we do the bit change by a jumper. We would like to remove the jumper and have the control through an FTDI pin (unused pin) which inter will be software controlled from the USB Host side.

    We prefer not to configure CBUS to GPIO mode and would like to use the default configuration like TXDEN or any of the DCD, RI etc . Can I enable asynchronous bit bang mode for one pin (say DCD ) without changing the other UART signals.

    Please help