1. milind213

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    Dec 27, 2009
    i am using ft232 with atmega32 but it just transmits over USB and doesnot receive. That is data sent by atmega is received on PC but data sent by PC is not received on atmega.
    I tried checking wavwforms at RX pin of ft232 and discovered that there is no signal on that pin.
    next i connected oscilloscope to d+ d- of usb and i discovered that even when i dont transfer any data i get some waveforms on d+ d- ; when i transmit from atmega those signals change and i receive perfect data on PC. but when i send sumthing from PC signals on d+ d- dont change and i dont get any data on rx pin.
    so what is the problem?
    is my pc not sending data properly in spite of showing it in terminal?
    i dont kno please help further.
    please reply soon