From sunlight to synfuels

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    Apr 5, 2008
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    There have been quite a few articles on similar projects. It is possible to use an organic PN junction to create hydrogen instead of electricity. Ultimately projects like these are where the future is.
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    Thats pretty interesting.

    Gives quite a bit to think about.
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    here in Alberta (and other places worldwide), we dig a bore hole into a seam of coal, and/or petroleum, ignite the fuel and then pump water into the reaction zone. The results are a high content hydrogen gas (syngas) that is then typically used for electrical generation. The process leaves much of the noxious pollutants within the slag residue, downhole. The gas can also be 'scrubbed' to further extract undesirables (sulphur being a common component). The process in general terms is coalbed gasification.

    The common complaint from environmentalists is the relatively large water requirements. The purity of your fuel source will dictate the purity of your emissions, both in terms of enduse combustion byproducts as well as process byproducts.