From Nothing to Designing Circuits, Help Please?

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Thanks beenthere, and also for the link.

I knew about those experiments and didn't put much thought into my question. Didn't even search on the forums. What a stupid thing to do. Homework first, then ask questions...


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Here you will find lots of help from some veterans here that really know their stuff...

as for myself, I am 23 years old, right out of high school and a vocational class in electronics. I started electronics when i was small and my dad used to hang out in the basement all day and fix VCRs (back when the were worth fixing) and all i did was stand there and watch him. From then on i was hooked. I knew that i wanted a life of electronics repair to pay the bills....unfortunately, as fate would have todays modern times, things aren't repaired by electronics technicians anymore. Todays electronics are made with incredibly tiny and inexpensive parts, so it has turned to a replace-over-repair society. Manufacturing departments in almost all businesses would throw out broken items and replace them with new ones, even if they only needed minor repairs.

I started learning to build my own circuits with analog and digital ICs and still build them now. Most of my projects are involved with Automotive Lighting, Audio, and other Auto electronics. im starting to learn programmable IC's.

As far as work goes, I work for a company called GTECH Corp. I work in a circuit board lab where we repair circuit boards for lottery terminal products all around the world.

Most of my knowledge of electronics has come from my old man, and books. and the rest was burnt out components that would fall off of my "Bench" and get stuck in the carpet in my bedroom at my parents house when i was little.

Im glad that you have an idea of where you want to go, but as these guys say, it may change...and my opinion is that you should expect change because the world of electronics is always changing, so there will always be something new to learn about.

Good Luck in your endeavors!!!


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Thanks for your reply Josh!

Sounds you know what you're talking about as well. And you've even got yourself a job in the area. Great work! I doubt I could ever find a decent job without getting a degree here in Australia, so I'm more looking towards going it alone and perhaps contract work in the years to come. Set up a business and see if it works. I'll have to specialise intensely probably, and keep an eye on the way things are going otherwise I might end up in some area where I'd get no work at all.

But anyway, I absolutely love electronics so even if I end up a programmer again, perhaps in embedded systems or that sort of area, I'd be happy with that. I'd keep going with the electronics as well.

It's true. There's no such thing as "I've learnt electronics." It's always changing and there's always something new to learn. That's part of what makes it such an exciting area I think.

Thanks for your wishes of luck, it's likely I'll need it!


Edit: I hear you on the replace-over-repair stuff. I've considered that carefully. There's a strong demand for tradesmen like electricians, but not technicians unless you join the defence forces and specialise there. Otherwise there's design work, but I haven't seen much of that here. Quite a few jobs in electrical power and control, and most graduates tend to have computer science degrees as well because a lot of their work involves programming. I don't know... I'll find my way eventually! I'm looking into renewable energy. That's feasible in Australia with the abundance of heat, geothermal and tidal energy. I could start something going with solar perhaps... we'll see. Fingers crossed.
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