Fried Sony pc330

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    Nov 18, 2008
    Hello guys,
    I had the brilliant idea to make a battery pck for my sony pc330.I end up fried something inside the camera.
    I attached the battery pack to the camcorder and the batterie became suddenly hot, and then I smell a little burn inside the camcorder around the are of the power jack.
    Then I tried to turn on my camcorder usint the power cord and/or the original battery , but no sign of life is coming from the camcorder.
    the screen is black and no sound is emitted by the camcorder.

    I am thinking that I fried something in the circuit that brings the power to the other components of the camcorder.

    Is there any way to use a tester (I do not know if it is called like that) to test if the power is flowing through the different components ?

    For the term tester , I mean a little instrument that has 2 metal points (+ and -) that I can attach to the + and - parts of the circuits into the camera and using the switch I can set the voltage or amperage and check if the power is passing through it.

    Do u have any tutorial in how to use a tester ?

    If I make a mistake in using the tester (not attaching the + and - in the correct points), can I frie somethig ?
    Than kyou


    for the people that are more courious and willing to help me more,
    you can download the service manual for the pc330 here:

    I think that I fried one of these two parts :

    1) BT-021 BATTERY (SECONDARY) BT9901 (Lithium battery) BT-021

    I do not know what is for this battery secondary . Do u guys know what is its use ?

    2) BJ-005 DC/USB/DV JACK

    Thank you