Frequency response of pressure transducer for dynamic measurement

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    Jul 27, 2012
    Good Afternoon,

    I am working on a project that involves working with pressure transducers for dynamic pressure measurment of air. The pressure transducers in question have a range of 25psi which produces an output of 100mV (at 25psi).

    What I would like to know (for the moment) is how to calculate / determine the frequency response of the transducer so that I may be able to connect the transducers output to a suitable amplifier.

    The information I have to hand includes the following:
    • Pressure Range = 25psi
    • Full Scale Output = 100mV
    • Input & Ouput impedance = 1000Ω
    • Resolution = ∞
    • Natural Frequency = 300khz
    • Sensing Principle = Fully active four arm wheatstone bridge isolated silicon on silicon
    I have read on the internet that as a rule of thumb, the frequency response is approximately one third of the natural frequency, but I do not know how reliable or accurate this is.

    I have contacted the manufacturer of the transducers but to date have had no response.

    I look forward to, and welcome any assistance.