Frequency in Circuit

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    hi all,

    I need some clear explanation, you see we study about circuit but what I don't really understand what is frequency for in a circuit ? we have RL / RC theory but what actually it got to do with circuitry? Is it that some component work with frequency like Sensor that we need frequency in circuit for that?
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    In logic and microprocessor circuits you usually have a clock signal that controls the overall timing sequence.

    In analog circuits like audio amplifiers, you need to understand what sizes of capacitors to use in certain positions, like coupling, emitter bypass and RF filtering on inputs.

    These affect the overall frequency responce of the amp, if they are wrong it will sound terrible.

    Power supplies need smoothing caps, you need to be able to what size to use for a given current load to conrol the ripple.

    Switch mode power supplies often use inductors as well as caps for filtering, or secondary switchers use inductors not transformers.

    The most obvious use of LC circuits is is Radio designs..