Frequency Doubler Circuit


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Please do not hijack another users thread, hence why I have moved this to its own topic.

You are providing too little information and not even tried to provide details of what you have done so far on this project.

1. Have you done any research into frequency doubler circuits? If so let us know what you have found out and how you think this will affect your project.

2. Put your requirements in the context of your project.

Just expecting people to provide you with a circuit without any input from yourself will not get you anywhere.



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suresh_ms65 said:
i want to know frequqncy doubler circuit in digital circuit
please show me the circuit in gate level
Greetings sureh_m65,

As dave has indicated, it will be helpful for you to provide a detailed description of the requirements of your design. Such details will result in a more effective dialogue between you and the forum members to assist with your request for a voltage doubler design.

Until you have a chance to provide more details you can take a look at Figure 24 in the application note AN795 on the microchip website.

The circuit shown in figure 24 of this application note uses two voltage-to-frequency converters to construct a continuously adjustable frequency multiplier or divider. This circuit will take a digital input signal and output a digital signal whose frequency is proportional to the input frequency with the constant of proportionality set by the potentiometer.