Frequency Doubler 1-4Ghz

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HI all,

I am new to here.
Just browse over and had some reference on the frequency doubler/multiplier.

My project needs me to doubler up an analog input of 1-4GHz so that I get an output of 2-8GHz. I search from the net at found most of the methods are in KHz and Mhz range which bring me into Dilemma.

Can anyone tell me if any device/component workable under this high frequency range?

Thanks for the help.


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Up to such high frequencies you have to have a deep knowledge of electronics to achieve a reasonable performance of the circuit. Also, you have to take care of stray inductance and capacitance on the PCB and the components their self. Even PC microprocessors don't have such high speed clocks:p
What is your application?


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At those frequencies, you'd be better off just purchasing a module.

Check out Mini-Circuit's application note:
This unit only covers a portion of your frequency range (1.1GHz-1.9GHz in, 2.2GHz-3.8GHz out):
Not likely that you could build something yourself that cheaply - and in that frequency range, $10.95 each is dirt cheap.
They have another model that covers 1.7GHz to 3.6GHz in. You'd need both to cover most of your range, and switch between them.
That one's SMT. Unless you know precisely what you're doing with PCB design in the GHz range, you'd be much better off with a coaxial model:
Higher range coverage (1.7GHz-3.6GHz). $36.95
They have a similar model to cover the 1.1GHz-1.9GHz input range.

If you'd rather "go fish" yourself, here's their frequency multiplier main selection page:

The coaxial modules use SMA fittings. They work best with hardline coax. The fittings and coax are quite expensive. They're not difficult to make up if you're really careful, but if you make even a very small nick in the center conductor%2q,you'll wreak havoc on your signals.
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