freeware tool to analyse the waveform

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I have information of a signal in CSV file format. I would like to plot the waveform and analyse the signal with more cursor lines.

I know that we can use Excel sheet to plot the waveform.
Apart from EXCEL sheet, is there any free software to meet my requirement?

Please suggest the bests.


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gnuplot (does MANY types of plots, 2D, 3D, complex, etc) [Download Links for MS Win or *nix]

gnuplotutils (basic plots to advanced in discrete modules) [Wiki Page with Download Links]

Gephi Data Visulization and Manipulation System [Download link for MS Windows, *nix also available

Octave MATLAB Freeware clone (code is NOT Matlab compatible, can be programmed in many languages) [Download for MS Windows and *nix]
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