Freescale 13192 SARD Boards interfaced with an external DAC

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mark kimby

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Hey all.
I'm a tech who lacks a lot of software knowledge. :( In an effort to start overcoming that obstacle I purchased two 13192 SARD (wireless) boards from Freescale and desired to put audio over their wireless network. At 250kbps transfer rate I thought that I could use their example programs to figure out how to put an audio signal (voice) mic'd into one of the 8 A/D ports (this hardware works:D ), have Freescales demo software do the handshaking from the TX side to RX side where I would then pull the audio off of the MCU to a DAC. I picked AD7303 DAC and was planning on using the TXD2, RXD2, and a free port on the MC9S08GT60 MCU to pull the digital data into the DAC and this is where the majority of my trouble lies (I think):mad: . I'm not sure how to write the code out of the MCU to the DAC. All this software/compiler is free from Freescale if anyone wanted to attempt to write something or if anyone has a direction for me to go into so that I can research this more, I would certainly appreciate it.