Free Stripboard Design Software (abandonware)

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Hey all,
Many moons ago during my student/hobbyist days I came across a handly little program called Stripboard Magic.
This program contains a schematic capture package and then autoroutes your circuit to either a stripboard layout or breadboard layout.
It isn´t like a full featured design package but for the average student/hobbyist that wants to knock out a basic circuit module it can be very handy indeed.
Anyway, the company that designed this software is no longer operating and as such this software comes under the "abandonware" category and so can be freely used.
Since it can be a bit hard to find (and since many electronics students/hobbyists probably don´t even know that it exists) I have placed it up on a file sharing server for download. Just click the link that appears below (or copy and paste it to the address bar of your web browser) to download it.

Incidentally, I just came across another package called Lochmaster. It does not autoroute the stripboard design it is much more functional and easier to use than stripboard magic and the parts bin is much more extensive. You can download it from the following link.

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A quick net search yeilds mutliple sites from which "Stripboard Magic" may be downloaded. The "" site has some very bad reviews.

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That there are many links available for stripboard magic just through a basic search. This program was out so long ago that many new students or hobbyists may not even know about it.

As for I have never had a problem with them.

Lastly, I can guarantee that the version available from the link that I put up is virus free and 100% functional as I put it up myself.

I would not want to direct anyone to a software if I don´t know it´s integrity.




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Many thanks for this one Begbie8.....I've been looking for something like this for ages.....just really handy for the quick prototype small project.


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Do You guys have free sofware or student software for electronic drawing, such as Orcad?
Orcad offer a demoware option for students:

I must stress this isn't freeware, but is available for a small fee. It might be something worth taking up with your academic department (because obviously you are a student ;))

The "Useful Websites" thread is a good starting point for things like this.



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VeeCad has a freeware version of their strip board/Veroboard layout software available for download:

Import your netlist from a variety of schematic editors.