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    What I don't get is why voip or other internet phone services cost a monthly fee. They should definitely be free

    Look at skype for instance you can create a free account and talk to any skype user for free. I know there are fees to call land-line or mobile phones.
    But those fees are pretty cheap.

    Plus if everybody just signed up for a skype account then everybody would have free phone calls.

    Hell you can buy skype wireless phones

    and even if you want to you can buy cord ones price is only around 70 buckets for free phone for life.

    Plus there are skype apps for mobile phones so you can talk to mobile phone guys thru there skype account.

    The only problem is with landlines and ISP providers internet phone/ third party Internet phone that charge a fee.
    But I just say everybody get a skype account. And your done.
    Since if you are using internet or VOIP then you definitely should pay nothing.
    As well if you are on a landline you should upgrade to Internet phone.
    If you are on a mobile phone you can use a skype app.
    And if you are worried about the rare case when power goes out you can get a UPS around $150 and then your phone and Internet service will never go down.

    The only down side is skype doesn't work with 911 or emergency places normally but in that rare case you could use a third party or get a small pay as you go phone and rarely put minutes on it one in the rare case that you need to make an emergency call

    The only major problem is getting everybody to signup for an account what are you waiting for
    Please everybody do it so I can cancel my phone fees and get free phone. :)

    This post was more to make people aware of it. And how phone companies / isp providers are ripping you off

    The only question I have is since I cann't convince everybody to get a skype account is there any other skype like service out there that provide the same thing as skype but also for landline calls , and mobile calls (all calls) with out charging /for free and with free emergency ? I doubt it but I figured I would ask just in case somebody knows of a service better then skype.
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    It also doesn't work for toll free numbers in other countries. At least not the ones I needed to call.

    For people who have only a cellphone and no landline (like me) skype isn't the best option. Because I cannot install it on my phone. And did you calculate if it's really cheaper?

    Anything new here ? :D

    The main problem , as with all the rest of service/goods you can buy, there is too much of them. That's why it's so hard to find the good/right one for you.
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    Jul 21, 2008
    Then you must not be using a smart phone.
    You should up grade to one. Android ZTE score only around $35 and the skype app is downloadable from there site both for computer and smartphone.

    Anyway I guess thats it .

    For calling people in a different country how many times are you going to be in that position.
    and if you are there prices are fairly cheap don't know if it beats your service provider but I do know it pretty cheap.