Free penguin!


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Ok you sold me, linux is going up on my Desktop!. Still got Win7 on my Laptop so I'm good. I need more fundemental XP with linux. I know the basics and can fumble into what I want to do, but I really need more practice.


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so all are clear, it's an in game penguin, not a real one ;)

its, eh, under ignorance

i took it down around christmas and have since been too lazy to pull the files and put it back up :p
It is a foam penguin right? That is what they gave away at Lotusphere.

When my brother was in grade school he came home all excited one day. He told us that if they did good on their test the next day the teacher would give them a seal. My mother responded something like "oh that is nice".

My brother was a bit perplexed at my mother's subdued response and responded "but where are we going to keep him"? My mother asked "keep who"? My brother said "the seal"! My mother said "honey she did not mean an animal, she meant a sticker". My bother said "Oh no she meant a real seal and my teacher wouldn't lie".

The next day he did well on his test and he was very disappointed. :)


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What? He's perfectly clear. You get a little penguin that you carry in your arms and chirps happily while you go on a killing spree.


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I have a stuffed Tux with a minigun, way cooler.

Tux penguin is about 8" tall, minigun and ammo feed chute taken from a model helicopter. somebody gave it to me for Christmas.


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I deserve a penguin for today's effort. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to install 64 bit Mint, but it seems that I can't just install most of the programs I want to use, so I've had to compile some of them from source. It's been painful, but hopefully I'm nearly there. Thankfully it's easy enough to find out how to do it all with a bit of Googling.

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that's why i prefer ubuntu, more support and a larger support base
currently installing the KDE desktop for kicks, hope it goes well :)