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    Jul 7, 2009
    I have an unused Stellarnet EPP2000 spectroradiometer that I just got hooked up again (it has been sitting on a shelf for about 5 years). This is a tool that can measure an optical spectrum, such as of a light emitter, absorption, reflected light, etc. For example, one measurement I used it for when studying UV fluorescent tubes was the efficacy of different safety glasses to absorb any harmful UV radiation (polycarbonate is an excellent material for this and mechanically very strong).

    Since the instrument will just be sitting on top of my computer and unused 99% of the time, I thought I'd offer its measurement capabilities to you hobbyists in the US for free. Basically, it can measure the optical spectrum of something from 191 nm (ultraviolet) to 857 nm (near infrared) with a resolution of roughly1/2 nm. It is out of calibration, but if someone wants to pony up $300, that will cover sending it across country to get a current calibration.

    As an example of what it can do, I've attached the measured spectrum of my fluorescent desk lamp. The mercury line in the UV has a measured peak at 366.3 nm; it should be around 365 nm, so there's roughly a 1 nm error (I don't have any standard sources). The other picture is the output of a typical red LED with a peak at 662 nm and a FWHM of 22.1 nm.

    This free service is offered to US hobbyists. I'll be happy to do some work for a business too, but there will be a fee for my time (so it's almost free -- just take out the 'r' :p).

    You've got to make it no harder for me than walking to my mailbox. This means if you send me something to measure, it must fit in my mailbox and you must include a return label and sufficient postage so that I can send it back to you by just putting it in the mailbox. If you want me to use some other shipping method, then it will cost you the shipping cost plus $50 up front, in cash, because I'm going to have to drive somewhere and stand in line.

    If you're interested, PM me and we can work out the details.

    Or, if you're just curious about the spectrum of something, ask here and, if I can do it, I'll get a spectrum and post it.

    Of course, this service operates completely at the whim of my known attacks of laziness and the offer can be canceled at any time.